Employment income (T4’s)
Wage loss / COVID benefits (T4A’s) 
Business income (loss).  Partnership or proprietorship 
Dividends, interest and investment income (T5’s and T3’s) 
Capital gains and losses  
Rental income (loss)    
Pension income  
RRSP income (T4RSP and T4RRIF)  
Employment insurance income (T4E) 
Alimony received   
WCB income (T5004)        
Social assistance income    
Scholarship, fellowships and bursaries
RRSP contribution receipts 
Pension Plan contributions (RPP) and Pension adjustment information 
Volunteer Firefighting/Search and Rescue hours
Childcare expense receipts, names and SIN of babysitters
Interest paid to earn investment income
Investment counsel fees
Allowable business investment losses
Employment expenses (T2200) 
Office-in-Home Expenses (utilities, internet, maintenance, rent)
Addition Office-in-Home (Commission Employee –(insurance, property tax)
​Alimony paid  
Moving expenses 
Professional dues or Union dues    
Charitable donation receipts        
Medical expenses (dentist, eyeglasses, chiropractor, prescriptions etc.)   
Medical travel hotels, mileage, meals
Private medical insurance plan (EHB, Dental or Travel) premiums    
Disability deduction for self or family member   
Transportation employee expenses (TL2)   
Tuition fees (T2202) for self or dependents  
Political contributions  
Interest paid on student loans   
Home Buyers Plan and Life Long Learning Plan repayments  
EI benefit repayments     
Tools acquired by apprentice mechanics    
Dependent relative or caregiver in home care 
Digital subscription tax slip (should include QCJO number)  
2019 Assessment Notice with RRSP carry-forward amounts     
Income tax instalments paid for 2020  
Dependent’s income tax information  
New home buyers credit    
Sale of property (Including principal residence)     
Any change in marital status