These are some links you may find helpful for both planning your taxes and you personal financial affairs.

Service Canada - CPP/OAS/Employment Income 

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  • ​​get copies of your T-Slips (T4E, T4A)
  • ​update your direct deposit information
  • ​change your address for these benefits (may not change CRA)
  • ​Look at copies of any Record of Employments submitted on your behalf (ROEs)
  • ​File online EI reports and view current EI claim if applicable
  • ​Verify your CPP contributions and look at payment information (current and estimated)

CRA - Tax Information

  • view T4s submitted from employers
  • ​update direct deposit information
  • ​change your address (may not change CPP/OAS/EI)
  • ​view previous tax returns and Notice of Assessments
  • ​view, apply, and or update information for various benefits​

Benefit Payment Dates - All Benefits (CPP, OAS, CTB, GST)

Canadian Retirement Income Calculator

  • this online tool will provide you with retirement income information, including the Old Age Security (OAS) pension and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement benefits

BC Personal Tax Rates